make me choose between 2 characters/ships/shows and i’ll make a gifset of the one i prefer

make me choose: willicia or willicia asked by -> agentpond

me too boys, me too


this scene where zach woods just stares at alicia florrick like he now believes in love at first sight really speaks to me.


*continues to ship otp even after one of them has died*

Anonymous whispered: Isn't there also an episode where will slides his hand up Alicia's thigh while being in a room at the firm? I can't remember which ep it was. And I also haven't found the ep where they make out in a hotel room. :( maybe u can help

The thigh bit is at Ashbaugh’s in NYC and is a flashback in 5x10 “The Decision Tree”. And I think the hotel room one may be from 5x11 “Goliath and David”, when Alicia comes back into court wearing her 2x23 outfit and Will gets flashbacks. :) That or it’s likely 4x18 “Death of a Client” or 4x19 “The Wheels of Justice”, where Alicia has flashbacks. Haha, they make out in hotels a lot. I hope I’ve been able to help you!

Anonymous whispered: Can you please tell me in which ep Alicia and will make out in bed and then Diane calls and asks where he is when she hears Alicia's ringtone in the background? Will is wearing a light blue shirt in that one. :)

It’s from episode 3x07 “Executive Order 13224” :) You don’t see A/W kiss in the actual episode but in the deleted scene. I uploaded it a while ago here

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